The Facts About Hair Essentials for Hair Growth

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If you are like millions of people who struggle to grow a healthy head of hair I have found a natural solution that thousands of men and women are using that is worth a look. 

You can go directly to the Hair Essentials for Hair Growth reviews  to see what men and women are saying about this product along with my personal feedback, as I have been using it for some time myself. 

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My team and I have researched hundreds of the reviews from actual users for a variety of products. To save you some time we have put together an summary of what customers thought about our #1 product pick. You will find that info as you scroll down.

The goal is to give you the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not it's worth giving it a try.

What you need to know about Hair Essentials ingredients

The product is a 100% natural and contains over 20 herbs and vitamins, including biotin, which promotes the growth of healthy, strong hair. It is a serious product with a very good track record, which is why I think it is worth your consideration.

You take it in capsule form; 3 per day, and each bottle lasts a month. The product does the following:

  • Repairs unhealthy hair follicles – One of the major reasons people lose their hair is follicle damage. If the follicle that produces the hair remains damaged new hairs cannot grow. Repair the damaged follicle and the hair will grow back. This product will not restore every follicle, but it will repair a good many, which will provide better hair coverage.
  • Prevents damage to the follicles – This product gives your hair follicles what they need to keep functioning efficiently and to last longer. The more hair follicles there are that are producing healthy hairs, the better your hair will look and the more coverage you will have.
  • Stimulates new growth - for the vast majority of people using this product results in new hair growth. Naturally when you go from hair follicles that are damaged and empty to one's that are healthy and full, you end up with more hair.
  • Stronger hair – The herbs and minerals in this product allow you to grow strong individual hairs. The hairs that grow are not weak and brittle. This means that you get fuller, thicker hair growth than normal. It can also help your hair to grow at a faster rate, like nature intended.

What Hair Essentials for hair growth reviews tell usBeauty

Because this product has been available for several years plenty of people have used it, so there are a good many Hair Essential reviews to consider. You can see some of them by clicking here, or you can read on and see our summary comments below.

Overall, the reviews are very good. Of the reviews that we read over 60% were 100% positive. About 20% had mixed feelings, but had positive things to say about the product, with the remaining 20% of people finding it ineffective for them or stating that they were concerned about the cost.

The vast majority of people say it takes a couple of months before they see improvement to their hair or experience new hair growth. However, most report that they noticed that their hair loss slowed after a few weeks of use.

A number of people who were looking for healthier hair used the product to help to strengthen their hair. Quite a few women in their 40s were using this as a supplement to their current hair care regimen.

In effect, they were using the product as a hair stimulant. All of these people reported good results, stating that their hair was stronger and looked healthier.

That said, this product is not a cure for complete baldness, nor does it claim to be. It can and does help hair to re-grow, but I could not find anyone who was totally bald who used the product, and got a full head of hair back.

However, most of those with thinning hair found that hair grew back in, so if you are starting to loose your hair you may be able to stop the hair loss process with this product.

Man applying product to style hairWhy should I buy Hair Essentials?

There are several reasons why I feel the product is a strong one. Here are a few of them.

It works for all hair types – Because the product is a broad-spectrum product it works for most people, both men and women. The herbs, vitamins and minerals in the product help with all of the underlying causes of hair loss, so most people find the product beneficial.

  • Doctor-formulated – This is a high quality product using standardized extracts. Each batch is tested, so every capsule is as potent as it should be.
  • 100% drug-free – There are no drugs or chemicals in this product. It is a 100% natural product.
  • It's certified, gluten free
  • 90 day, money-back guarantee – Importantly, this product comes with a full money back guarantee. If you use the product as instructed and do not notice any marked improvement you can get your money back without a hassle. Any product with a shorter guarantee makes it harder to truly evaluate it.

Final recommendation

Given the fact that Hair Essentials has tons of solid reviews, offers a full 90-day, money back guarantee and can help most hair loss problems, we feel it is a viable solution for both men and women. I can tell you from personal experience, it is certainly worth a go if you are losing your hair, want t grow your hair, or if you just want to improve the current condition of your hair.

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