A Proven Solution That Speeds Up Hair Growth

How to Speed up Hair Growth

If you are looking to shorten the amount of time that your hair grows, and grow your hair faster, then this post is for you.

I know many have asked if fast hair growth secrets even exist. As strange as it may seem it really is possible to speed up your rate of hair growth. Modern technology and pharmaceuticals have given us a number of choices when it comes to growing your hair faster.

One that we have researched and think provides the best and most effective approach to faster hair growth, has undergone a clinical study to back up it's findings. It's noteworthy that some customers are reporting that their hair is growing 75 to 100% faster in 90 days.

This product is a value-rich supplement that gives your body the nutrients it needs to make hair grow faster and which eliminates most of the underlying issues that can cause a slowdown in hair growth.

4 main categories for faster hair growth that we will discuss are:

  • Shampoos
  • Gels & Serums
  • Scalp Stimulators
  • Vitamin Supplements

We have done a lot of research on the subject and naturally will share some fast hair growth remedies with you. At the end, we will explain what our research has uncovered as the best way to go and tell you a bit more about a product that has solid reviews and that we believe is definitely worth a try.

By the end of the article, you will know much more about faster hair growth products and be equipped to make an informed decision about which hair growth booster you buy.

Shampoo Smile

Are there shampoos that grow hair faster?

Since faster hair growth with vitamins works, one option is to select a shampoo that is formulated for long hair growth fast. 

Since there are a quite a few shampoos on the market that claim to boost hair growth you can take a different route. Rather than looking for one to grow hair faster you can use a good, all natural shampoo with essential ingredients, which will automatically go a long way toward allowing your hair to grow longer and faster.

The way hair grows is quite complex, and for this reason, hair loss is rarely caused by only one factor. Usually, to tackle the problem of slow hair growth you need to attack the problem in a multi-directional way.

Biotin shampoos deal with the problem in one primary way. They take vitamin B, which your body needs to grow hair, directly to the hair follicles. This can help hair growth and there are thousands of happy users out there.

However, taking biotin as part of a hair supplement is likely to be better. Your body will absorb more of it and you will build up your reserves much faster by taking biotin (a form of vitamin B) in supplement form.

Gels and serums

Perhaps the oldest form of hair growth treatment on the planet are ointments and tonics; now referred to as gel formulations and serum treatments.  For centuries, people have been using plant-based topical tonics to help improve the health of their hair.

The Moroccan hair serum that is based on Argan oil is an example. The Moors have used this hair serum for literally thousands of years, and there is no doubt it improves the look and feel of most people’s hair.

However, what it does not claim to do is to stimulate hair growth or make hair grow faster; it just makes the existing hair look healthier and stay stronger. Our research shows that most hair gel formulations and serums perform in a similar manner. The best ones give you lovely looking hair, but they do not seem to speed up hair growth.

The other reason we are not a huge fan of hair serums is that they can be quite messy. If you have short hair and find a non-greasy version, you may be able to tolerate the inconvenience. Most of these serums are designed to stay wet and air dry, so for a time you look like you are wearing hair oil or wet gel.

Some people put them on at night; however, if you go this route you may need to change your pillowcases more often.

The other factor to evaluate in choosing this method is that most liquid serums or gel formulations have an odour that can linger.  Some even cause scalp irritation and itchiness.

Scalp stimulators

An interesting way to grow hair faster is to use a device that stimulates your scalp. However, the reviews for these products are mixed. Some people have reasonable results others do not.

The way most of them work is to massage the scalp, which is meant to improve circulation to the area. This in turn improves hair growth for some people.

Some of the more extreme products make tiny pinprick holes in your scalp. The idea is that your body rushes to repair the damage bringing blood, collagen and other compounds to the scalp to repair the skin. A side effect of this process is that your body uses those raw materials to jump-starts fast hair growth.

Although it works for some, it can be painful and there is a small risk of infection.

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Do faster hair growth pills exist?

Of all of the fastest hair growth products out there, our favorite is called Hair Essentials. You take it in capsule form, so that means no mess or fuss, and it dissolves quickly.

Contained in this supplement for faster hair growth are natural plant based ingredients that attack most of the underlying reasons behind slow hair growth.

There are vitamins to address any deficits as well as anti-inflammatory ingredients to deal with any infections and natural herbs that stimulate circulation.

The fact that this product tackles the most fundamental causes that lead to slow hair growth is why we recommend it. The reviews are very solid with most users reporting that it did make their hair grow faster.  It is one of the benefits I experienced myself after using the product for less than a month.

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