What Is the Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men?

Best hair loss treatment for men

On average, by age 30 almost one third of all men will start going bald. Since I have been plagued with hair loss, I too have looked hard for a simple solution that works for men.

The older men get the more chance they have of losing their hair. Nearly half of all men will lose at least some of their hair by the time they are 50. It's, therefore, logical that many men have searched for effective hair growth pills for some time.

Because of these statistics, we thought you might have an interest in a solid product that our research has uncovered that is working for many men experiencing hair loss. It's our #1 rated solution and I use this product myself. Here are some reviews from others who are using it too. 

Women lose their hair too, but normally not as young as men do, and in fewer numbers. In addition, the underlying causes of their hair loss is not exactly the same as those that cause male hair loss. However, some causes of hair loss are common to both men and women.

For this reason, we have put together two separate posts on the subject. One for male hair loss, and the other on a treatment for female hair loss.

Common causes of male hair loss

OK, let’s look specifically at hair loss in men and the treatment options. First, the causes:

  • Genetics – Sadly, some men are more prone to baldness than others are. If someone in your family losses their hair at an early age there is a chance you will too. A genetic propensity towards baldness is caused by all kinds of underlying genetic differences. Some of them are covered here, for example, male pattern baldness.
  • Hormonal Changes – The underlying reason many men lose their hair as they age is because of a change in the hormonal balance in their body. If this becomes a concern, then a visit to your doctor would be in order.
  • Male Pattern Baldness – Hair follicles are sensitive to all kinds of substances. Perhaps the thing they are most sensitive to is the enzyme dihydrotestosterone. This enzyme can, over time, kill off a hair follicle. When that happens the hair stops growing.

Testosterone generates dihydrotestosterone throughout a man’s life. If you are unlucky enough to have hair follicles that are sensitive to this enzyme, then as the levels build up, individual follicles die off. The more follicles that die the more hair you will lose.

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Causes of hair loss that are common to both men and women

There are several other causes of hair loss in men; but because they also cause female hair loss, we have listed them separately below. These include:

  • Skin conditions – the scars and scabs caused by skin conditions like eczema smoothers or covers up hair follicles. Because the hairs cannot grow this can lead to permanent hair loss.
  • Stress – stress causes toxins to build up everywhere including in your hair follicles. Hair will not grow out of a hair follicle that has become plugged up.
  • Autoimmune disease – some autoimmune diseases lead to vitamin deficiencies. Without access to certain nutrients, hair loss occurs.
  • Drug side effects – since people react differently to drugs, some drugs will cause hair loss in certain individuals.
  • Vitamin deficiencies – to grow hair your body needs the right building blocks including the correct balance of vitamins and minerals.
  • Fungal infections – funguses can kill off hair follicles or at the very least, clog them resulting in poor conditions for hair growth.
  • Thyroid problems – the thyroid releases all kinds of hormones, including some that can attack the hair follicles; so hormonal balance is critical.

As you can see, it’s important to understand that hair loss can sometimes be due to underlying health issues.  Ruling out these potential causes is an important step to restoring your hair. If you start losing your hair quickly and notice other changes in your body, you should speak to your doctor before choosing or using a male hair loss treatment.

Hair regrowth for men

Whichever hair growth product you choose you need to make sure that it is a tried and tested product. Unfortunately, many hair growth products for men tackle the problem from just one angle. This means that some products provide only a partial solution, which means your results could have been much better if you had made a different choice. Our research indicates that the best hair loss solutions for men are the ones that treat the issue from several different vantage points. At the end of this article, we will tell you about one such product. However, for now we want to give you an overview of the different types of products you could choose to use.

  • Prescription drugs – A few of the drugs that are said to work are only available with a prescription. The problem with these is that they tend to cause side effects. For this reason, many doctors are reluctant to prescribe them.
  • Scalp Stimulators – Some believe that increasing blood flow to the scalp can help, and sometimes it does. However, there is some evidence that the rubbing action may actually cause hair to become damaged and break off, so you need to be cautious with this option.
  • Hair Gels or Serums – Some of the hair solutions you apply to the scalp are very good for keeping existing hair healthy, but we don’t know of any that help hair to re-grow. You see a lot of them are touted as a male pattern baldness treatment, but we are quite skeptical about this option.

That is not to say no topical product will work. For example, Retinol has a good track record for improving hair coverage for many men.

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The hair loss treatment for men we liked best

When it comes to treating hair loss in men, there are many choices, and that can be confusing. Our due diligence confirms that Hair Essentials is a solid product that can be used as a standalone solution or alongside most other male hair loss treatments. As a guy who is happy with the results of using this product myself, I personally recommend it is because it tackles many of the underlying causes of male hair loss.

It is an all-natural product containing a combination of herbs and plant extracts that have been used for centuries to protect hair and promote growth. It is designed to improve the production of the compounds your body needs to grow hair, and does so in several ways.

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