Hair Essentials Reviews Tells it Like it Is

Hair Essentials Reviews

If you are like me, you have probably researched a bunch of solutions for hair loss. Maybe you have spent a great deal of money on products that didn't work. 

After researching and using many products myself, I chose Hair Essentials because after giving it a try, it worked.

As you will see from the Hair Essentials customer reviews below, the real advantage is that it attacks hair loss from many vantage points, not just one. As a result, it solves hair loss problems for a wide cross section of both women and men.

Since there are literally thousands of reviews for this product I thought it would be helpful to summarize the most frequently asked questions people ask before they buy Hair Essentials. The answers to the following questions are supported by the reviews on the manufacturer's website.

Positives. . . .

  • Can it grow new hair?. . . .Yes
  • Can the product make my hair fuller with more volume?. . . . .Yes
  • Can Hair Essentials reduce or stop my hair loss?. . . .Yes
  • Can Hair Essentials for Hair Growth work after pregnancy?. . . . .Yes
  • Can the product work if I'm in my 60's or older?. . . .Yes
  • Can HE grow my hair faster and longer?. . . . Yes
  • Can the product work if I'm totally bald?. . . . .We did not see any reviews to support this. That said, the product does come with a 90 day money back guarantee.
  • Can it work in a smaller dosage than the recommended dosage?. . . . Maybe.  You will have a better chance of the product working at a lower dose if you use the product for 90 days at the recommended dosage.
  • Can Hair Essentials work if I have any of the following conditions: immune system problems, menopause, alopecia aerata, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, androgenic alopecia, physical stress, medications that cause hair loss, thyroid problems, infections, emotional stress, hereditary hair loss, surgery, allergic reactions causing hair loss?. . . .Yes. (The caveat is that you seek medical advise if you think your hair loss is being caused by any of these conditions.) 

Negatives. . . .

  • Some people complained that it took them longer than they expected to grow new hair.
  • Some users had to bolster Hair Essentials with a hair growth shampoo.
  • There were some people who had to use Fo-Ti Extract, or Nourishing Hair Oil in addition to HE to get the hair growth they were looking for.
  • For those who experienced no new hair growth, the majority were able to stop their hair loss and continued using Hair Essentials.
  • There were some customers who stopped using the product and later came back to it with good results.

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My own review and experience using Hair Essentials

Since Hair Essential unbiased reviews are important, I thought I would provide you with my own feedback about the product. As a guy, I was looking for a solution that would give me fuller hair, with some additional growth. I had surgery on the crown of my head at an early age and was concerned that I was losing my hair quicker than normal.

Initially I was pretty skeptical. I committed to using this Hair Essentials for 6 months. By doing so, I qualified for a good discount and free shipping. What also sold me was that I could return it for a full refund during the first 3 months for any reason.

Hair Essentials for Hair Growth before and after

Before using the product, I was losing way more hair than I was comfortable with. Also, my hair only looked good some of the time.

After I started to use the product, I noticed a difference in less than a month. My hair looked and felt softer and it was definitely fuller and thicker. The amount of hair falling out was next to nothing. I also noticed my fingernails were a lot stronger. That was an unexpected plus because I play guitar and love to fingerpick.

To double check my results, I stopped taking the product for a few weeks and noticed that the condition of my hair deteriorated. When I started taking the product again my hair improved. Needless to say, I am a very satisfied customer. Additionally, I have experienced absolutely no side effects.

Don't just take my word for it. Below is a sampling of Hair Essentials hair growth reviews. I hope they prove helpful. Ultimately you will need to become your own best reference once you give Hair Essentials a try like I did.

You can also click on My 5 Step Process for maintaining healthy hair growth, without costing you much more than you are already spending on hair care.

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College female wins the fight against the effects of stress on her hair 

R 1

Man in 30's. . . . is skeptical no more

R 2b

African-American woman gives H.E. a try. . . . as a last resort

R 3

50 year old man stops his hair loss and gets new hair growth

R 4

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Woman experiences new hair growth after childbirth 

R 5b

No hair transplant needed after using hair essentials

R 6b


Gray hairs are almost gone and hair is growing back in for this lady

R 7b

Increased dosage really accelerates hair growth for this man

R 8b

Woman supplements Rogaine with Hair Essentials to successfully fight androgenetic alopecia

R 9

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Before: female pattern baldness. . . After: new hair & no more wig

R 11

Growing new hair. . . .hair is now thicker and growing faster than ever

R 12b

New hair growing for this female, even with hormonal changes - hairdresser notices 

R 13b

20 year old male stops his hairline from receding with H.E.

R 14

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