The Best Hair Loss Treatment We Could Find

Best Hair Loss TreatmentWhen it comes to hair loss solutions there are a lot to choose from. If you are like me, you have probably scoured the net to get some answers.

Problem is, there are so many choices it's downright confusing. Having suffered from hair loss myself, hopefully you can take advantage of the leg work I have done.

Statistically, by the time of age 50, most people will have hair loss problems. The figures breakdown to 50% for men, and 30% for women. Nobody, regardless of how old they are looks forward to losing their hair.

Good and bad hair loss treatments

Up until fairly recently there were very few hair loss products that actually worked. Most hair loss remedies were sold as a “miracle cure” - but there were many unhappy customers.

Today, that has changed. Hair treatments have improved because a lot of research has been carried out regarding why men and women lose their hair. Since the causes are more clearly understood, it’s now possible to improve hair loss prevention than previous alternatives. Here is a study about just such a product.

Additionally, here are some customer reviews for this product that are encouraging if you are suffering from hair loss.

If you are suffering from thinning hair or even baldness you now have the pharmaceutical industry and the natural health industry coming up with new treatments like the one mentioned in the links above.

However, there are dozens of products out there that do not work. Here is how to spot and avoid them.

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How to avoid those treatments that do not work

Fortunately, armed with a little knowledge, products that don't work are easy to spot and avoid. While we have been researching the market looking for the best hair loss prevention product, we have come across some solutions that are outright silly.

For example, hanging upside down for an hour a day may increase blood flow to the scalp, but there are far easier ways to achieve the same results. The same is true of running a device over your head that creates tiny holes in your scalp. Your body will try to repair the damage and hair growth may result in the process.

However, if the cause of your hair loss is the over production of the enzymes that kill off hair follicles, sending more blood to the head area will not help at all.

Understanding why hair loss happens

Our first tip to finding good quality products that work is to understand hair loss and what causes it. Once you determine the underlying causes of your hair loss you can rule out those products that do not address the root cause.

You will also recognize those products that try to use faulty scientific evidence to sell you something that has no chance of actually working.

Staying up to date with hair loss research

As we said before quite a lot has happened in the past few years in the field of hair loss research, and there is still a lot going on. This means the ability to further understand what causes hair loss is improving all the time.

For example, it has been recently discovered that the number of stem cells on the scalp in bald areas is the same as on the areas with healthy hair. This surprised researchers because they had assumed that the stem cells in the bald area would be less than in the healthy hair area.

Now that is interesting, but it is also important for you. This is because in the future, there will be products or procedures developed to reignite or turn those dormant stem cells back on.

If you have not yet found a viable treatment for your hair loss, being aware of new treatments as they are launched is important. As soon as they become available, you can read the research and decide for yourself if these new hair loss treatments are worth considering.


Of course, be sure to consult your doctor when you see someone touting a new product when you have an underlying medical condition causing your problem.

What to look for In a hair loss product

One way to spot a product that you should stay away from, is if the company or seller, does not give plenty of information about the product, like a full list and breakdown of ingredients. You will see a full ingredients list with the really good products, and from there you should be able to find out how each ingredient helps to either prevent hair loss or promote hair growth.

As you do your research, you will now be in a better position to select the best hair loss treatment for your situation.

Good reviews are important

No product is going to have perfect reviews. However, the majority of the reviews should be positive. The bottom line is, products that work get good reviews and they get them not just on the manufacturer’s website. The reviews will have been submitted steadily over time and will use mixed language. There will be detailed reviews as well as very short ones.

You will also see good quality products spoken about on other areas of the web. For example, on forums and social media; if a product really works people will tell others about it.

Money back guarantee

The best products always come with a money back guarantee. The company knows that their product works for the majority of people, so can confidentially make this offer. Also, the longer the guarantee period is for, the more confidence you can have in purchasing the product.

Our best recommended hair loss product

Our team has been researching hair loss for some time now. We have come to understand that preventing hair loss is the most important step. If you keep your hair healthy and stop it from falling out in the first place you will find it easier to grow and maintain a more full head of hair.

After pouring over all the data, our findings overwhelmingly point to Hair Essentials. This product provides your body with over a dozen ingredients that boost the body’s ability to stop hair loss. It is formulated to quickly get your hair healthy and to keep it healthy.

Should you have already lost hair in some areas Hair Essentials can still be helpful. It attacks many of the underlying causes of hair loss and ensures that the body has what it needs to grow new hair.

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